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Tips to Take into Account Before Calling for a Tow

Jun 2


You're probably anxious to get your vehicle towed when you've determined that it requires it. But, there are a few steps you must take before making a call to a towing Tampa firm by JDM Tampa Towing.


1. Think about your geographical area

You can take your vehicle to a friend's house or parking garage if it fails to start. If, however, your car is stuck in the road or on the street, it's best to take it off as soon as you can.


2. Towing Company and Roadside Assistance

You may feel compelled to call your insurance company first if you have roadside assistance. It might be less expensive calling a towing service. You may need to pay more for roadside assistance, therefore you should only call them in an emergency. Only the person who has the account can access assistance at the roadside. If you travel in a different vehicle, your coverage is not applicable.


3. Safety first

Switch on your hazard lights and then engage the emergency brake if you are in a hazardous spot like a highway or street. Make sure both you and the passengers have an area where you can call for help and then wait for the tow truck to arrive.


4. Photographs

Take photos of any injuries sustained in an accident. It is recommended to take several photos from various angles. It is also important to take photographs of the other vehicles involved. It is essential to document any damage to be used for insurance purposes as well as in case of legal issues, whether civil or otherwise.


5. Get in touch with your insurance provider

It is essential to find out whether your insurance company will pay for towing. Towing services may not be covered by your insurance.


6. Select which Towing Company To Call

If your insurance provider doesn't recommend which business you should call to inquire about, do some study. If you can find reviews and information about the company, you'll be able to decide.


7. Ask For An Estimate

Ask about how much towing will cost you. The cost will be determined based on distance and cost. If your insurance company doesn't cover the cost, it's important to understand the cost.


8. Questions regarding the Towing Method

There are two methods of towing cars: chains and hooks, where the vehicle is attached to it to the garage and then towed away. Flatbeds, where the vehicle is lifted on the truck and then driven into the garage. Flatbeds are more secure for your car and won't cause any damage. If you're given the option flatbeds are superior to nothing.


9. Choose the Town in which you Want to Keep Your Car Town

It is your responsibility to decide on where your vehicle is going to be towed. You may need it town to your home if you live near the vehicle. If the vehicle has an issue with its mechanical or has a mechanical issue, you might need to town to a garage. You may also request your towing service for recommendations for mechanics when you're in a foreign area. They may be able to assist you in this regard.


10. Remove all valuables and documents from your vehicle.

Make sure you have removed all important documents, including valuables, before your vehicle can be towable. Although the majority of towing firms are trustworthy keeping valuable objects in your vehicle is not a wise idea. It is also necessary to wait for the truck to arrive. It's likely that you're not paying any attention to your vehicle every minute.


11. Receipt

It is crucial to receive an invoice from the towing company stating the amount, time, and service provided. The receipt can be invaluable for your insurance company to record the charge. Keep a copy of the charge. Then submit the document to your insurance provider.

These guidelines can help you find the services you need and help you avoid any future problems. However, it is essential to follow the steps correctly. It is not a good idea for your insurance provider to cover the cost of towing. This isn't an easy problem to navigate. Before you act, take a moment to consider your alternatives.

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