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Newcastle Art Gallery

Aug 1

About Newcastle Art Gallery

Newcastle Art Gallery has one of the finest public collections in Australia, and it's an asset not only for its own city but also represents New South Wales as well. With over 7k pieces on display- including paintings by masters like da Vinci or van Gogh; sculptures from classical antiquity all way up through contemporary art today-- this place sure knows how to impress!

The city of Newcastle has a new art gallery that's open to the public. The gallery features modern and contemporary paintings, as well pieces from different eras in Australian history with some international artwork too! You can also go behind the scenes at this place where they have special events throughout each year, like hikes or paint parties for kids (and adults) on select Sunday afternoons.

Newcastle gallery

What to do at Newcastle Art Gallery

The Gallery at NewcastleArt gallery has a comprehensive collection that presents Australian art from colonial times to the present. The important Indigenous bark and poles are included in this overview, along with growing paintings by indigenous artists today - all on display for you here!

The Gallery Shop is a place to find and buy art that reflects the creative talent found in our local communities. They offer new works by emerging artists as well as established ones, all at affordable prices with no hefty commissions taken out of your purchase! The gallery is dedicated to presenting new and exciting artwork that challenges the viewer. They provide opportunities for people of all ages with an interest in art, as well as those looking forward to their next great discovery at this groundbreaking venue! The gallery's exhibition program presents a diverse, changing range of artworks by up to 20 local and international artists each year. 90% are curated in-house, with the remaining works coming from public or private collections for presentation on tours across Australia every two months!

Newcastle art gallery

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