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Fort Scratchley

Aug 2

About Fort Scratchley

The former coastal defence installation of Fort Scratchley is now a historical museum. It was built in 1882 to protect Newcastle against a possible Russian attack, but its guns weren't fired until 8 June 1942 during the shelling that lasted for hours on end without any damage being done whatsoever! The Australian Army left this site back then, though, leaving behind only signs with messages.

Fort Scratchley is a historic coastal defence fort that overlooks the Hunter River Estuary. It's located on Flagstaff Hill, just south of Newcastle and near one of its beaches: Nobbys Beach or Seaton rapid flow station! This unique landmark was built back as an anti-ship device against possible Russian invasions, but today, you can enjoy some fun activities like fishing off its decks if they're open.

The fort

What to do at Fort Scratchley

The Fort is both a historical museum and an incredible place to explore. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the tunnels that run underneath this historic site, which have been preserved for posterity by those who know their worth in history!

As a visitor to the Fort, you can explore its narrow underground tunnels and learn about what life was like for early settlers. The museum has great exhibits that will make history come alive! This is one attraction not just worth seeing but also experiencing - plan on spending some time here with your family or friends because there's plenty of space inside both caves as well as outside, where picnic tables allow visitors to gather together; before heading off into town while still staying true their individual identities.

The Artillery Store is a great place to buy souvenirs and refreshments. You can also hear the daily time gun firing, which goes off at 1 p.m., or see how it was done back when sailors needed help adjusting their navigation instruments - this tradition has been going on since 1877!

The fort Scratchley

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