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Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s New Ceramic Coating

Aug 14

A ceramic coating can be applied to your car to improve its look and increase its resale price. There are some basic rules you need to follow if you want the finish to last.

We can help you find the right place to start if you aren't sure where to start. These are some tips to maintain your car's ceramic coating.

Routine Washing of Your Car

One way to maintain your coating is to set up a schedule of washing your car at least once a week. This is important because dirt, dust, and other contaminants can build up on your coating. This will reduce its hydrophobic qualities.

It is important to remove these contaminants as often as possible. Your car will be easy to clean if you use the right cleaning product and a washcloth. The water will evaporate from your car's surface when it is time to dry it off. A leaf blower or large fan can be used to remove any moisture.

Avoid Water Spots

Water spots are another danger that a CQuartz Ceramic coating presents. Water spots are formed when water evaporates from the vehicle's exterior. If the problem is severe, even a thorough wash won't remove the mineral deposits.

Avoid this by washing your car in shaded areas to prevent the water from drying too quickly. You can also take your vehicle to be decontaminated once per year.

Be careful when applying additional protection to your coating

Some people are unaware that adding extra protection to a coating can reduce the protective properties of its base layer. If you apply wax to a ceramic coating, the hydrophobic properties you see will not be due to ceramic coat, but the wax. However, adding a "topper", which can provide additional protection, is not recommended. Any sheeting, dust attraction or beading that you apply to the coating will result from it.

Your car will look better if you take the right precautions when applying your coating. These tips will help you make the right decisions about how to maintain your car's ceramic coating.