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What Type of Towing Services Do Towing Companies Provide?

Oct 2

When you're in need of a tow, it's important to know what type of services your chosen towing company in Tampa provides. Some companies offer only basic tows, while others provide more comprehensive services that include emergency road service and on-site repairs. It's important to know what you're getting into before you call for a tow, so you can be sure you're making the best decision for your needs.


Emergency Towing

Breaking down on the side of the road is always a pain, but it's especially stressful when it happens in the middle of an emergency. Whether you've been in an accident or your car just won't start, you'll need to call a tow truck. But not just any tow truck - you'll need a reliable emergency towing service that can handle anything from light-duty towing to heavy-duty towing. You don't want to be stranded on the side of the road, so be sure to find a towing company you can trust. With years of experience and a team of professionals, your local towing company is always ready to help. So if you're in a bind, don't hesitate to give them a call.

Vehicle Recovery

If you have been involved in a serious accident, such as driving into a ditch or completely flipping your vehicle over, your towing company may be able to assist you in recovering your vehicle and getting it back on the road. It's possible that the firm that tows your car also provides recovery services for wrecked cars and other vehicles that need more than just a standard tow. If they offer this service, they will have staff who have trained specifically for it as well as a tow truck that can handle any circumstance. Some businesses, in addition to specializing in the recovery of private automobiles driven by individuals, also concentrate on the retrieval of commercial vehicles and equipment. If you or your organization require this service, be sure to inquire about it with the towing company that you work with.


Levels of Service

Towing can include a wide variety of vehicles and situations, each of which calls for a unique combination of expertise and experience. There are also various different kinds of apparatus that are required. Tow trucks that are capable of doing more difficult duties need to be larger and better equipped. It's possible that if you use the wrong kind of tow truck, you'll end up creating more issues than you solve. In order to be considered professional, a professional towing company should be able to haul more than just private automobiles. Your tow service ought to be able to get you back on the road as quickly as possible if they have the appropriate equipment. It is in your best interest to confirm that a towing company can assist you in the manner in which you require before selecting one.


Light-Duty Towing

The majority of people have some experience with this specific style of towing. Vehicles as diverse as passenger cars, pickup trucks, and even motorbikes can be towed with a standard tow truck. However, even at this advanced level of hauling, there is still a need for specialized knowledge. For example, if you need a luxury automobile towed, you would want to be sure that the towing service is capable of handling the vehicle in the appropriate manner to prevent it from being damaged anymore. The towing service will need to take extra precautions to protect the undercarriage of low-profile or custom automobiles from being damaged while they are being towed. This is another difficulty that may arise.


Medium-Duty Towing

Tow bars of this size is designed to accommodate larger vehicles like box trucks, service vans, and larger pickup trucks. This classification may include some of the more compact commercial vehicles. To put it another way, automobiles that fall into this category are either too huge or too heavy to be towed using a light-duty vehicle, but they aren't exactly either of those things to merit using a heavy-duty vehicle. Because these automobiles are heavier than the average personal vehicle, the tow truck that is used to transport them must be more powerful, and the driver must be trained and certified to operate the vehicle. It is in everyone's best interest to ensure that the towing business you hire is aware of the type of truck that will be required for the task at hand.


Heavy-Duty Towing

The heaviest cars that a towing business is able to move are the focus of heavy-duty towing services, as the name of these services suggests. This category includes tractor-trailer rigs, larger commercial vehicles, garbage trucks, cement trucks, mobile houses, and even recreational vehicles. This must be done with great caution and accuracy in order to prevent any more damage to the vehicle or any of the homes in the area. If your firm regularly works with a high number of larger vehicles, you will want to make sure that your chosen towing company provides this degree of towing and assesses how effectively they can manage it. You don't want to put your automobiles in the hands of someone who doesn't have the proper qualifications, do you?


Peace of Mind

Above all, you should never be concerned that your automobile may sustain additional damage when you need to contact for a tow or other repair. To manage your circumstances, a good tow service will have a selection of specialist trucks and swift response times. You'll want to know they can arrive as soon as possible if it's an emergency. Make sure their services cover jump starts, flat tires, broken axles, and other things as well. These are wise factors to take into account when selecting your go-to service.



Your preferred towing business might provide safe storage for towed autos. If they offer this service, they can watch over your car while you decide what to do next. If your car can't be fixed right immediately, if it's beyond repair, or if you need it stored for any other reason, inquire about that.


Outstanding customer service

Make contact with your towing firm and inquire if you're unsure about what they offer. This will not only help you get a clearer idea of what they offer and how much it will cost, but it will also enable you to judge how they treat their clients. They must have staff members who are knowledgeable and prepared to assist you whenever you need it. A 24/7 service will guarantee that you are covered no matter what, so ask whether they offer it.