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How do I keep my truck from squatting when towing?

Oct 6


Pickup trucks are known for their tendency to squat, but this is not normal behavior and should be avoided. Squatting while towing can indicate that your leaf springs are already damaged by carrying excessive loads. Squatting can indicate instability, tire misalignment, or component wear as well as damage to steering and brakes. You can avoid truck squatting by not exceeding your truck's maximum weight and never overloading it. People often ask roadside assistance, How do I keep my truck from squatting when towing? For knowing this you first learn about Ways of Towing Properly, and below we discuss briefly squatting.

What is squatting?

You can see the rear axle of your truck being stressed by truck squatting (also known as trailer sag). The truck's front will point upwards while its back ends remain at a low, making it difficult to properly tow the trailer. To keep the trailer under control, you will need to use more forceful and corrective steering maneuvers.

How can I know if my trailer is sagging?


Squatting can be very obvious from the outside of the truck. However, it's difficult to see the extent of your truck's squat while behind the wheel. This is especially true if you have a high driving position.


Your truck may be sagging if your trailer seems wobbly. Make sure to inspect the trailer before you take off.

How do you stop squatting?


Airbags and assister springs

Towing Experts recommended these products can be used to reduce squatting but you should understand that they do not allow you to lift more weight or exceed any manufacturer ratings.

Airbags can be inserted into coil spring suspensions to help. Airbags can be used to levelize your truck by setting the air pressure. Airbags have one drawback. They don't help to level your truck. Airbags can be used to assist with squats, but they don't solve the problem.

Similar to the helper springs, they do not increase the vehicle's capacity for carrying loads. They are used to supplement the suspension of the vehicle and relieve some stress.

If your squat size is not too severe and you can maintain a healthy tongue weight and distribution, airbags or helper springs may be used to adjust your setup.