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Which method of towing is the fastest?

Oct 6



The simplest way to transport a vehicle is to simply drive it to its destination. However, sometimes it’s not practical to do this, or it’s broken down in some way. When you’re in this situation you have multiple options to tow it. Here are three options, flatbed trucks, two-wheel ‘dolly’ towing, and flat towing.


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Best Towing Methods

Flatbed towing

A flatbed van or lorry is the safest and easiest way to transport your car. These are custom vans or trailers on which the car can be rolled up. Because all four wheels are elevated and securely secured, these are the best way to transport cars. The tow vehicle can be driven on one of these beds without worrying about the vehicle behind it. This method has one major problem: cost. This vehicle requires special equipment that can carry a lot of weight. Higher operating costs may result. A lorry that has multiple vehicles is another option, but it will cost you more and be less flexible in terms of where it can go.

Two-wheel dolly towing

This is a cheaper method than a flatbed van. The dolly method involves hitching the car’s front wheels off of the ground and towing it. This is a simple way to get a car from A to B used by most roadside assistance vehicles. However it is more limited than flatbeds in what can be towed based on the size of the dolly, and motorbikes can’t use this method at all. The other main problem is that the rear wheels are still on the ground, meaning that they get worn while the fronts remain fresh and open them up for damage.

Flat tow bar towing

This is the cheapest out of all of the options as it just requires a tow bar attached to the car. Caravans are built to use this and cars can be easily made for it. There are multiple forms of tow bars. Self-aligning rigs allow the car to line up with the towing vehicle. Rigid A-frames however require precise driving and coupling.



While cheaper and easier, especially if you decide to do the job yourself, the biggest problem with this is the condition of the car. All four wheels get even wear unlike with a dolly, however, they are also open to damage more than either other option.  Plus the drive wheels on the floor can cause damage to the transmission with it in neutral, especially on automatics.


When choosing your method of transportation think of the cost of the method but also what level of service you need. An expensive sports car should probably go on a flatbed for its higher safety. A sturdier off-roader can take being flat towed in its stride. If you need a car or any vehicle transport, there are many transporters in the USA that can do the job expertly. To find the one that’s best for you visit Roadside Towing Services to transport your stuff.