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3M Vehicle Wraps Australia

Nov 8

3M Vehicle Wraps Australia


Make a bold statement with your car by utilizing the top custom car wrapping service in Australia.

CRG Designs specializes in vinyl car wrapping, allowing you to fully customize and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Not only does this give your car a unique look, but it also provides protection against potential external damage that could occur while on the road. Trust our expertise to transform your car into a true showstopper.

What Is Vinyl Car Wrapping?

Vinyl car wrapping is a popular method for transforming the look of your vehicle without the hassle and expense of a complete paint job. It involves applying a special vinyl film to either partially or completely cover your car, allowing you to change its appearance entirely. Whether you want to add a new colour, design, or texture, vinyl car wrapping offers the best solution for personalisation.

With advancements in technology, vinyl wraps have become even more appealing and versatile. For example, you can choose a temperature-sensitive film that provides an added bonus of two colours in one wrap.


3M Vehicle Wraps Australia

3M car wrap films offer unique head-turning looks. With the choice of more than 100 stunning shades in a variety of textures and finishes, your car is sure to wow onlookers.

When used, applied and maintained according to 3M’s instructions, 3M car wrap films can last from 5 to 7 years for vertical applications. They are durable against UV rays, high temperatures and humidity.


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