Landmarks in Denton, Texas

In the city of Denton Texas, you can find several prominent landmarks. These businesses have changed the face of this historic town. With a new development, these landmarks will once more change and transform the business offerings.


John Lindley got his start as an apprentice plumber in Washington DC before venturing out on his own. That is when he decided to open his own plumbing company. Today, John lives in beautiful Old Town Denton, serving both residents and tourists. Known for his exceptional workmanship, John is a member of the North American Plumbing Contractors Association and is on the governing board of the NAPCA. He has been personally responsible for several building projects throughout Denton.


Jim Beam is another well-known manufacturer of the single malt whiskey. Jim started his business in 18med in Fenton, Texas. He is credited with building the original bottled beer dispenser in the history of Texas. He was also responsible for teaching his son, Robert Beam, the art of mixing ingredients and creating their signature drinks.


Richard W. Johnson invented the rotary vane engine. This great vehicle was used for heavy machinery before its invention by Richard and his partner, W.C. Johnson. Richard served for many years as the city of Denton’s fire chief before becoming interested in his passion.


Jerry Lewis is known as a country entertainer, but without a doubt, he is one of the greatest blues musicians of all time. He began playing guitar at a very young age and went on to get major breaks on Broadway, TV and radio. His reputation continued to grow with each project, as he brought his unique style of guitar playing to the world.


Jim Hardy is another Texan treasure. He is best known for his stage performances, but his music also was important in bringing many local landmarks to light. Hardy received numerous awards for his work and his performance was key to helping to raise funds for the Denton City Schools. Many of his landmarks are still standing today.


Jimmie Edwards is a popular rodeo bull rider and trainer. He started his business in the late 1960s with his son after they were very successful riding bulls. Today Edwards is seen as an owner/businessman who promotes rodeo bull riding across the United States.


Landmarks in Denton Texas are something that should not be missed when you visit the area. The above-mentioned celebrities are just a few of the many landowners that have given Denton their stamp of individuality through landmarks over the years. In addition, you will find other notable landmarks in the Denton area. Look up the Denton Record Searches to see all the great places to locate information about landmarks in Denton. You can also visit the county records website for more information.


The town of Denton itself offers so much to visitors. Many people visit the Denton Record Searches to get the scoop on the town’s rich history. Take a look at the town’s picturesque landmarks. See why the area has been referred to as the Gateway to Texas. It’s also easy to explore the rich artistic roots that have been present for centuries in the town of Denton.


Look up the Denton Market Square. This historic market place offers plenty of interesting shops and restaurants. Many events occur on a regular basis, so this area of the city will always have something going on no matter what time of the year it may be. Denton is also known as the Arts District of North Texas. This is because it features some of the finest visual arts galleries, recording studios, bookstores and studios in the entire area of Texas.


Check out the Northwoods Plaza Shopping Center. This is one of the best places to do some shopping in the city. There are numerous restaurants and businesses in the area, including a movie theater. There is nothing like being able to do some business in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


When visiting any town or city, it is wise to check out landmarks. These are locations that serve as reminders of the past. They let visitors see what life was like in the past, and they offer insight into how the town grew and developed over time. When it comes to businesses, there are countless opportunities in any area. Whether you own your own business or you want to work with the art community, there is something for everyone here.

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