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Miami is a playground for luxury car renters. With its winding roads, the Miami coastline, and unique architecture, there are many areas in Miami that would add character to your Ferrari. Browse our inventory of Ferrari models and make your dream of renting an exotic car come true.

If you want to experience the unparalleled thrill of driving a Ferrari, then contact our experienced Miami exotic car rental team. Here at ONYX EXOTIX , we can provide you with a virtual selection of hundreds of makes and models for you to choose from, including the ever-popular Ferrari.

Rent an exotic car in Miami today. Operated by one of the top luxury car rental companies in Florida, we have access to rent a Ferrari model. From our Miami location, we offer a variety of exotic vehicles that are perfect for your next vacation or business trip. Make your reservation online today!

There is nothing like the exhilaration of driving a Ferrari. Once you have driven one, you will never forget the experience. With a rental in Miami, you can explore the sunny beaches and discover everything that this city so famously offers, at your own pace. When you want to have fun, choose an exotic car rental in Miami.

Need a car for a day? Or for an entire week? We offer exotic cars for rent. From Ferrari to Lamborghini, you can choose to unleash your inner speed demon in a fantastic car — and let the gorgeous city of Miami be your driving playground. If turning heads and driving fast is your idea of fun, then our exotic car rental is for you. With super-hot models like Lamborghini and Ferrari, the world’s coolest ride is at your fingertips.

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