The Pros of Car Detailing

There seems to be a growing misconception that car detailing and car washing are one in the same. The fact is that car detailing involves much more than just car washing.  While a car wash removes dirt, dust, and salt from the exterior and the undercarriage of the car, it only occasionally includes the interior.

The expectation of car detailing is to make a car look as good as new from the inside out.  This is a job for a skilled specialist who has the proper knowledge and can implement a proven plan of attack for bringing your automobile back to its glory. Detailers are familiar with the proper car detailing products and tools needed to restore your car to “like-new” condition.

While the common mission is to clean every nook and corner of your vehicle, every detailer has their own personal method of what their services will include. Regardless, more common than not, the interior will receive a great amount of attention since it tends to get overlooked as the outside is what most people tend to put their emphasis on.

That said, detailers will utilize a variety of instruments and various brushes to get that deep clean that we “do it yourselfers” can’t seem to accomplish. It all starts with an overall vacuum of every possible area including the trunk and even the glove compartment. Next comes the carpet, mats, and upholstery which require a lot more muscle to remove tough stains that conventional washing can’t handle.  Then comes the complete wipe-down of door panels, windows, and dashboards using just the right cleaning products to bring back that luster and shine.

Of course, detailing doesn’t stop there.  While the visual may look great, the smell needs to be on point as well.  The goal is to free the air of any lingering pet odors or any other odors that may detract from your enjoying the fresh scent of your newly detailed car. Some detailers carry different aromas amongst their supplies so if you have a preference be sure to inquire.

Now, onto the exterior which includes a thorough deep clean using special detergents and degreasers to remove those stubborn dirty spots. Attention will be given to tires, rims, windshields, fenders, and all! While the process starts with a mild detergent and power wash, any left-over watermarks are then rubbed out so that a thorough polish can ensue.  Here is where the glossy sheen can be appreciated and then protected by an applied sealant. Some detail packages also include a surface wax.

Since many of us practically live out of our cars with running our kids to various activities or daily long commutes or travel times, there is a good amount of wear and tear on carpets and mats, not to mention the food and beverage spills when eating on the go. For those of you who enjoy having your pets come along for the ride, the hair and paw prints eventually leave their mark and pet dander can become irritating to your eyes, nose and throat. And think about the damage the sun can cause on drying out your plush leather seats and interior.  These are the precise problem areas that detailers focus on and can easily tackle.

We can all relate to that calm feeling we get knowing our surroundings are clean and presentable. Consistent detailing also contributes to maintaining the monetary value of your vehicle as well. And to take it a step further, what you travel in speaks to outsiders. Driving around in a dirty, messy vehicle does not lend itself to making a good first impression.

So, the next time you get in your car, think about whether your vehicle could use a detail cleaning.  Maybe you have been focusing on the outside and have neglected the interior, or maybe you realize the exterior and interior could both use a deep cleaning.  Are you noticing the interior no longer has that fresh clean “new car” smell? Are the carpet stains starting to take more notice? If so, think about scheduling a detail cleaning and the many pluses that come along with it.

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