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Towing Companies in Phoenix AZ

Oct 28

Our team is one of the best towing companies in phoenix az. As our name implies, we can help you tow any unattended cars from your property. Are you seeing a damaged or uninspected car? Have you seen a truck sitting around your home for more than a week? Is the vehicle owned by anyone in the area? If it doesn't, it could be abandoned.

These cars can do much more than bring down the street's beauty. They are not only an eyesore but also illegal and contrary to local ordinances. AZ residents can usually verify that we have an abandoned vehicle title. It is difficult for people to report the vehicle or for law enforcement agencies to identify the owner.

Check the AZ abandoned vehicle laws first. Nearly all states have laws that prohibit you from leaving your car on a street in the city for more than 72 hours. Most of these cars will be immobilized, with broken windows, worn-out seats, an inoperable engine, and a runny tank. The car can be reported to the nearest police station. AZ abandoned vehicle laws forbid leaving a car in this condition unless it is enclosed and out of sight. We also have an abandoned vehicle trust that AZ companies trust to allow us to contact the owner. If the owner does not respond within a specified time frame, the vehicle is considered abandoned.

Azteca Towing offers towing services for abandoned vehicles. Let us know if you discover an abandoned vehicle. We will come to your location and remove the vehicle from your area. The car could be stolen if it is in good condition or the title is still attached.

These vehicles pose many dangers, which have been well-recognized. These vehicles can be a magnet for curious children, who will want to learn everything about the world around them. These vehicles could contain dangerous items so it is best to keep your children away from them. These cars could also be attractive to the wrong crowd and may become arson targets.